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Reinforcing Authenticity.

Restoring Lost Connections.

Returning Lost & Stolen Items.

Smartphone Compatible

FoundTags can be read by any smartphone without requiring an App.

Ensure Authenticity

Products authenticity can be verified by customers and vendors with a simple scan. 

Product Traceability

Products can be tracked on the individual unit level, both throughout the supply chain and after purchase.

Easy Integration

FoundTags can be printed or sewn into almost any product with minimal cost or changes to manfucatruing processes.

Jackets & Accessries

FoundTags can be printed or stitched into existing clothing tags.

Luggage & Travel

FoundTags can be printed directly onto luggage or be printed onto luggage tags

Promotional Products

FoundTags can be printed into promotional products to differentiate them from the competition.

Meet The Team

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Kait Stephens

Kait is the CEO and co-founder of Found. After losing her purse and wedding band in the same week, she decided to make it her mission to solve the problem of losing things. Kait comes from a background in private equity and tech, and previously founded a successful non-profit. She holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Georgetown University. 

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Zack Morrison

Zack is the CTO and co-founder of Found and shares Kait's problem of losing things. He has a background in engineering and management and has brought several innovative products to market while working at multiple tech startups in the Bay Area. Zack holds an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MS in engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, and a BS in engineering from Washington University in St. Louis.

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